Believe it or not but this page took just as long as a normal page…. that probably doesn’t say much about the amount of time I spend on pages xD.¬† I got this one done a day early because my birthday is uh… yesterday. Nothing really exciting. More of a setting¬† page for the next scene. And seeing the next chapter or so is set in the castle I might as well give it a pretty page. To the barracks!


Also I think I’ll start promoting a few of my favorite web comics. So for this week check out Lintier which is a sequel to the web comic Lint. If you haven’t read Lint before then check it out. Lintier has just booted up a few weeks ago, and it’s looking to be much of a weekly treat as Lint was.


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And any donations would be very much appreciated as I am a very very poor student.

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